AHM – Griffin Block (currently Simeon’s)

Curiously, Andy has picked projects three weeks in a row, to which either I or HOLT have a connection.

  • 40 Ridgewood Road was originally a Pillsbury family home, later to become Tau Delta Phi fraternity. I joined the fraternity and lived there my sophomore year, 1966-67. The local chapter folded in 1971 (lack of interest due primarily to questioning the relevancy of fraternities during the heyday of the 60’s and 70’s).
  • The Clinton House was one of two O’Brien and Taube Architects first projects in November 1973 following our layoff from Levatich Miller Hoffman. I had been on the Historic Ithaca Board when we negotiated the purchase of the building. I resigned from the Board when they asked me to head up the renovation/addition project for LMH. The project was the first of significance for a number of local contractors as well: Novarr Mackesey Construction; Accufab (Gary Wojick) on steel stairs; Mike Richardson of Richardson Bros. for electrical; and Fred Schwartz on plumbing (now at Taitem). I also believe Bill Duthie did the painting. Amazing we’re all still around.
  • And finally, the (old) picture below shows McBooks just beyond Simeon’s. We did that project for Alex Skutt, and also along with his partner Rich Berg, we did their three Video Ithaca stores, and Vanguard Games which was either before or after McBooks in the same location. Pete Forlano and I did all of them and they were great fun. Also, ironically, ZaZa’s, a Pete Forlano success, was the original location of one of the Video Ithaca stores. They sold out all three to be big regional outfit in Albany, sensing that videos would soon be taken over by large national concerns. And how right they were. And now, all those nationals are gone. These projects in total, spanned almost 40 years.


David H. Taube

Senior Advisor/President Emeritus

HOLT Architects, P.C.

217 North Aurora Street

Ithaca, New York 14850

phone: 607-273-7600, Ext. 125

fax: 607-273-0475



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