How to Build a Key Plan Family

Do you want to make a Key Plan in Revit?  Do you want it to have different shaded zones or phases that you can easily turn on and off by sheet?  Here’s how:


1. Open a new Generic Annotation Family.  Draw the outline of your plan at the actual size you want it to be on your sheet.  (Our 24″x36″ title block is 2.25″ wide, so if you want it here 2″ square is your outside limit).  Add text if desired.  (because the key plan is so small, text should have a transparent background so that it doesn’t block out too much of your filled region.  Set this by selecting the text, Click Edit Type in Properties, change Background to Transparent)

2. Create a filled region for your first “zone.”

3. Select the region you just drew, in the Properties dialog box under Graphics, UNCHECK “Visible.”  (This is because the default position of all zones should be invisible – so that you only have to select the zone you want, instead of de-selecting all the zones you don’t want)







4.  To the right of the “Visible” box under graphics, click on the small box with “…” in it.  This takes you to the Associate Family Parameter dialog box.  Click on Add Parameter.  Now name the parameter, make it an Instance, and Group it under Graphics:

after 4










Click OK, and OK.

Now you have created the first zone.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each zone or phase you want in your Key plan, creating a new parameter each time.

6. Save the family in your project Revit Family folder.

7. Insert the family into your project.

8.  Open a Plan sheet.

9.  Expand the Families tab in the Project Browser – scroll to find the name of the Key Plan family you just created.  Drag it and drop it onto your sheet.  (You should just see line work and text – all zones should be invisible).

10.  Select the family.  Check the box corresponding to the region you want on for this sheet:

after 10







Now your Key Plan should have the correct region visible:

after now your key plan should have.









Because it is a family, and you set it up to have the filled regions visible as an instance parameter, you can now drag and drop the Key Plan family onto any sheet, and independently control the visibility of shaded regions.  WOW!

Let me know if you have questions, or if you find ways to improve this approach.

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