Slocum-Dickson’s State-of-the-Art Pain Clinic Emphasizes a Patient-Centered Experience

HOLT recently completed Slocum-Dickson’s new pain Pain Clinic, creating a state-of-the-art facility for patients with chronic pain. With an emphasis on a patient-centered experience this space provides a sense of well being with a spa-like environment to ease the stress that often accompanies chronic pain. The new clinic has defined a sense of place within a large medical office building, creating a healing ambiance with an interaction of organic materials, fresh green color, and diffused lighting.

HC_Slocum Pain Clinic_Int_Nurse Station_0664 HC_Slocum Pain Clinic_Int_Nurse Station & Bays_0697 HC_Slocum Pain Clinic_Int_Holding Bays_0583 HC_Slocum Pain Clinic_Int_Holding Bay_0612 HC_Slocum Pain Clinic_Int_Holding Bay_0561 HC_Slocum Pain Clinic_Int_C-Arm Imaging_0637


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