What you Should Know About the Travis Hyde Old Library Development Proposal


Travis Hyde Properties and HOLT Architects are excited about being selected by the Tompkins County Old Library Committee as the preferred development team for the Tompkins County Old Library site.

We understand the significance of this project and would like our community to know the strengths of our development project and team:

  • Travis Hyde and HOLT Architects have been rooted in Ithaca and Tompkins County for 40 and 50 years respectively and have worked together on many City and County buildings and developments.
  • Being local, our team understands the unique culture of our area and has a vested interest in its success. We live and work in this community and contribute to its vitality, and want to make a successful project that gives back to our Ithaca and Tompkins County home.
  • Our proposed development “DeWitt House” meets Architecture 2030 goals and has a potential for achieving LEED Platinum certification. HOLT Architects has designed 11 LEED pending or certified buildings in Ithaca – including the Travis Hyde Gateway Commons.
  • The DeWitt House will bring a core density of residents to Downtown who will support local businesses and bring increased vitality and economic benefit to the heart of our city.
  • The DeWitt House fulfills a community need; it removes obstacles to independence and helps serve the needs of our more varied population, as well as maintaining a vital community organization in Lifelong.
  • By partnering with neighbor Lifelong, we can provide greater green space and a community asset that fits comfortably within the mixed neighborhood context, with shared use by the public.
  • Our decision to rebuild the Old Library site stems from extensive analyses of renovation and reconstruction as possible paths to creating the most efficient, financially viable and sustainable building that returns four parcels to the tax rolls.
  • Our development addresses the underserved middle demographic with units in the median affordability range.

Please feel free to read through our team’s 2014 and 2015 proposals for more in-depth information.

Thank you for listening, and let us know if you have any questions: ask@holt.com



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