HOLT Architects’ New Ithaca Office

619 Move email graphic2

HOLT Architects’ New Office:
619 West State Street, Ithaca, NY 14850

Creating a new home for our design team, HOLT Architects repurposed a dated, one-story, 7,600 sf commercial property in Ithaca’s “West End” into a high-performance, net-zero energy building that exemplifies the HOLT culture and focus on technology, teamwork, sustainability, and value.

At the heart of the new facility is an open design studio that is inundated with virtual presentation and communication tools and surrounded by break-out spaces for collaboration, thinking, and doing. Designer workstations are height-adjustable to promote healthy movement, foster impromptu interactions, and allow for face-to-face engagement among team members.

Significant improvements to the thermal envelope minimize the building’s energy loss. Natural lighting, a high-efficiency electric-only mechanical system, and robust lighting and plug-load controls drastically reduce energy use. Rooftop photovoltaic panels produce the energy required to sustain HOLT Architects’ design studio within.

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