HOLT’s Focus on Work-Life Balance & Strong Values Earns Year Over Year Award

HOLT Architects was honored Thursday, October 19th with a Best Places to Work Award for the fifth year in a row.


HOLT’s award, which is based on employee feedback, cited the firm’s focus on work-life balance and support of HOLT’s strong values, goals and mission as most impactful.

“We really focus on making HOLT a great place to work on every angle. All of our employees have commitments at work, at home and in the community; and we do everything we can to help everyone stay balanced, healthy, organized, and growing in their career” states HOLT President Graham Gillespie.

As a company full of talented designers, HOLT emphasizes an environment that promotes creativity, teamwork, and growth. HOLT also focuses on the strength of each employee and provides them the tools they need to succeed including flexible hours, professional development and mentorship opportunities, and access to the latest technologies. HOLT also supports each employee’s personal causes such as teaching engagements at local universities and community involvement, volunteerism, and backing non-profit and charitable activities.

HOLT Architects has over 50 years of providing high quality and innovative designs to Healthcare, Higher Education, Housing, and Community clients. HOLT’s professionals are known for a high-design aesthetic that is substantiated by creative, functional solutions and rooted in sustainability. HOLT has offices in both Ithaca and Syracuse, NY.

 CNY’s Best Places to Work is a BizEventz/CNY Business Journal event with more than 1,500 employees participating in the 52-question survey conducted by Research and Marketing Strategies Incorporated which determined the top ranked companies. The non-profit, for-profit, and private companies came from 16 Central New York counties and each was scored on components including employee satisfaction and company initiatives.

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